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We just need to look around us to figure out the importance and prevalence of printed matter in our world. Right from the morning newspaper to the carton of breakfast cereal, from cinema posters to your favourite book, everything is printed matter. Delve into the world of printing a little more and the need for paper, equipment, tools, spare parts, consumables, etc. that are required for printing will become apparent. The printing sector in any economy is a huge one and usually it is common to find a mix of very large printing establishments and a very large number of smaller presses.


The size of the industry is of special interest to the manufacturers and suppliers ofequipment, parts, and consumables without which no printing can be done. The presence of innumerable small printers in any region makes it tough for small businesses and suppliers of printing materials to locate them and address them appropriately with their products and services. A simple way of accessing these printers is by way of an address database and directory  printing services. With the assistance of this, owners of businesses can easily locate the printers in the locality they can cover and address them regarding their products and services. Selective segmentation of the address database and directory of printers and printing services can also yield multiple benefits. If any business supplies more than one type of product that are used by different types then the communication can be more targeted. For example a particular type of ink that is used by a silkscreen printer can be marketed only to such printers instead of the entire universe of printers that would include offset as well as vinyl printers.


When the market is really spread over a large area, it makes better sense to first obtain expressions of interest from printers and printing services by some economical method before trying to engage into a dialogue. Using an mailing list of printing services with email address contacts  is the perfect way of doing this. It costs very little to design and send off a large number of email messages using the email addresses provided in the list. The mail can be nicely presented so that the recipients can immediately figure out what benefits they can enjoy by buying your products. This exercise can be repeated at periodic intervals so that you can build up a reputation of being a serious player. For maximum benefits it is a good idea to acquire the email mailing list of printers and printing services from a reputable vendor, else your initial investment and the trouble you take to send email messages will all go to waste.

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A printer can be defined as a device externally connected to a computer and is intended to generate graphics or text as the output on paper. Understanding the type of printers and printing services one needs for particular printing projects is important for successful project execution. This article discusses two types of printers and the types of services they can offer.

  1. Impact

Anyone seeking printing services needs to know about impact machine. These are the type that make contact with the printing paper. In order to form a print, Impact machines press an inked ribbon on the paper.

Some of the Impact Printers include:

Dot-Matrix : these types of printers uses dots to form characters on paper. They contain print heads that has anywhere between 9 and 24 pins. A print head with 9 print heads makes fewer dots than the one with 24 dots. The more dots a print head produces the higher the quality of the printout.

Daisy-Wheel : these  produce quality that is similar to that of a typewriter.

Line Printers: also known as line-at-time printers, they offer a great service to businesses that require large amounts of printed material.

Drum: it is made up of solid and cylindrical drum that contains raised characters on its surface. The print positions available are equal to the number that is on the page. This is a fast printing printer that can be used in large scale printing.

Chain : as the name suggests, this printer uses a chain of characters moving along two pulleys. Each print position is hammered once and impression made on the paper. This printer can print 400 to 2500 characters in a minute.

Band Printer: this type of printer operates in a similar manner as the chain printer but it contains a band, not a chain.

  1. Non-Impact Printers

This the other type of printers a person looking for printers and printing services should consider. Some of the examples include:

Ink-Jet : as the name suggests, these types of printers complete their task by spraying the paper with small droplets of ink.

Laser printers: this works much like a photocopy machine. It uses a laser beam and toner to produce characters and images on a paper.


If you are interested in an Email Mailing List of  printers and printing services, it is important to understand the types available and the kind of service you’ll get from them. Having a good printer that fits your purpose will allow you to complete your printing projects successfully.